Clarence Primary School

Established 1905

Our Principal

Mrs L. Breytenbach

I have taught, been taught, changed, transformed and grown through the political changes in our country. As we strive towards social justice and true democracy, my belief in the strength and wonder of this country is slowly being realised.

This award would be recognition and acknowledgement of 36 years of dedicated, passionate and committed service to the children of South Africa. It is through education in a truly South African school, such as Clarence Primary that we are making a difference. We ensure that our learners understand themselves and the needs of others to enable them to take a confident stand beyond the confines of school. We teach them respect, humility and acceptance of others regardless of race, culture, health or social standing. We are educating our learners to make a meaningful contribution to society in a non-racist, gender sensitive, respectful, honest and inclusive environment.

 I believe that at Clarence Primary School, we are doing all of this at a level of excellence and an award such as this would confirm that it is all worthwhile.

Vision & Mission




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