Clarence Primary School

Established 1905

Each week a group of learners attend the Youth Press Team as their extra mural. It is here with Mrs S. Omarjee that they discuss matters that are affecting the youth of South Africa such as drugs, bullying and the spread of Aids.

This year, Clarence Primary School decided to take part in the Aids-Free Generation campaign headed by iSchool Africa. Each week they’ve learnt the facts about the virus, they’ve watched videos to help them understand the stigma behind it, as well as learnt how to change their attitude towards other people with HIV so that they can become a change-maker in South Africa and lead the way towards an Aids Free Generation.

Once we understood the concept we created a 3 minute video to showcase our understanding towards this goal. This video was entered into the Youth Press category in the Apple in Education awards that is held each year. We are proud to announce that this video was shortlisted into the top 15 videos in the country. That in itself was a huge achievement as we were up against High schools and other primary school across South Africa.

iSchool Press Teams along with PEPFAR sponsored the Clarence Primary Youth Press Team along with Mrs S. Omarjee to fly up to Johannesburg on the 26th of October, attend the prestigious awards in Melrose Arch, stay over for the night and return to Durban the following day. The Youth Press Team went on to win in the Most Original and most Powerful Story Category. Each learner won an ipod.

The video was “#blessedwithoutablesser

We so Proud of our Press Team